To whom it may concern,

I am senior product manager that always deliver success products to markets and clients, in China, and I am a new product manager of zero experience, seeking opportunity in the States.

Different working environment and cultures may bring gap and doubts to employers when deciding whether the person is fit the team, especially when they expect someone who can contribute from the past working experiences.

So instead of convincing you that I am a smart, reliable, open-minded, critical thinking and detail-oriented product manager that the team loves me. I want to share a little light of how we worked at a fast-growing division in a largest travel platform in China.
I lead the Data Product team to develop marketing insights tools for internal use.
9:30-10:00am News about travel, products, and replying emails. check the plans left by yesterday.
10:00 am, stand up meeting of product manager teams to inform the results and problems. 7 product managers took 30 mins to finish the meeting. Usually the UI team joins, too.

10:30 am, meeting with the engineering team, a few status checked in with team leader, and check on key projects with corresponding codes.

11:00am: Prioritize the backlog with inputs of the product manager teams and engineering teams.
11:30am: Check in the analytics and user feedbacks, someday meeting with marketing team for new features.
12:30pm-1:30 fast lunch with a little gym
1:30p, -3:30pm Prototyping for my own features.
3:30pm-4:pm reading the team members product requirement documents and discussing details.
4pm-5pm My boss sometimes checkin for recent work, twice a week. or meetings with other internal clients.
5pm-6pm Working on the